Read the Job Ad BEFORE applying!

Looking for work can be stressful, I get that. Here’s a way to save yourself some stress. Read the Job Ad before you apply. It’ll save you time, aggravation (when the recruiter doesn’t respond) and disappointment. If you don’t meet the most important requirements DO NOT apply.

Recruiters go through tons of ad response a day, and if you’re not right they’ll just delete the email. Nothing personal against you, heck they don’t even know you; BUT they don’t have time to hit reply and explain why you’re regretted or not successful in a particular role.

Let me give you an example that happened this week. I’m looking for an EPC Director. Someone who will oversee all EPC projects (Very large) and therefore all Project managers who run those EPC projects. The advert clearly states 15-20 years EPC Project management experience. So we’re looking for a “heavy hitter” someone probably around 55 years old. Board experience required.

Now just because you have 15-20 years TOTAL work experience, and have operated in an EPC environment for 8 years doesn’t make you right for this role.

If a recruiter engages with you and tells you your not suitable and why let it go and move on. Being Shocked and horrified that you’re not right and then insinuating the recruiter doesn’t know what they’re doing, will not help you.

It’s a fact that well-established, seasoned recruiters have a build up a network of other recruiters and recruitment agencies. It’s common knowledge that “blacklisted” candidates exist. (Candidates that might have falsified information or lied or have become argumentative and aggressive) They’re the ones Recruiters don’t want to deal with.

Just as there are candidates that Recruiters go out of their way to try and help.

If you still don’t understand why you’re not suitable, ask them to explain further. Just because they’re not an engineer does not mean they don’t understand what’s required. You are the one that doesn’t understand. If they know what their client is looking for, and you were right for the position, don’t you think they’d process your application as it would be a win-win for both of you?

Surely if they decide not to, there’s a reason?

At the end of the day, a Recruiter is trying to place the candidate who matches the Job Ad the closest. If you’re not right, but polite and engaging, they will remember you for the next role that you very well could be right for.

It’s about building relationships and making a Recruiter remember you for the right reasons, as this will go a long way in finding a job.

Need advice on this subject, feel free to engage with me.