Economic Development Manager (Renewable Energy)

Reference ID: EDM.L

Our client specifically is looking for an ED Manager who has worked or is working in the N.Cape and preferably around Pofadder area.

This is BEE role (South African Citizen – Colored, Black or Indian)

This is a SITE based role in Pofadder.

Purpose of the role:

The candidate will be responsible for project-specific stakeholder engagement and community investment functions to ensure that all processes are developed and implemented in a proactive and strategic manner, so that community risks are avoided and managed and relationships with beneficiary communities are constantly improved. The candidate must have strong stakeholder engagement skills, as well as a passion for, and experience in implementing, impactful strategic investment. The candidate must have strong skills and exposure to engagement with NGO’s, community structures, government departments in the region and industry players in the renewable energy sector.


Stakeholder engagement

  • Develop project specific stakeholder engagement plans (“SEP”) that align to the Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Planning Process, including the design, implementation and management of a grievance mechanism
  • Manage the mapping of stakeholders and execution of stakeholder engagements, including but not limited to:
  •  Identify  and analyse relevant and appropriate partners and stakeholders according to interest, impact and influence
  • Develop a strategy for engagement with the various types of stakeholders, including consultation types and frequency
  • Build strong working relationships with key partners, NPOs & other stakeholders (including IPPs) that contribute positively to the achieving the long term community development strategy
  • Prepare and conduct community & stakeholder feedback meetings on an appropriate and frequent basis
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders at a frequency determined to be appropriate for each stakeholder
  • Respond to community requests/ queries and complaints
  • Attendance of stakeholder meetings
  • Responsible for overseeing the implementation and maintenance of the community grievance mechanism (formal process and structure) and ensuring that all grievances are addressed and closed out as per the project commitments
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records (presentations, minutes, attendance registers etc.) of all stakeholder meetings and ensuring that the records have been collated and saved on the company’s online systems
  • Manage the compliance of all community stakeholder related requirements and processes under environmental management programs (“EMPr”)
  • Responsible for reporting back to management on stakeholder engagement and providing input to management reports on grievances, community matters and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Manage and work closely with the community project officer (“CPO”) to ensure stakeholder engagements are adequately undertaken
  • Act as a point of contact for the local communities, communicating and distributing key project information
  • Prepare and develop key project fact sheets for distribution to management and community stakeholders to inform them about progress on project related activities
  • Develop the stakeholder relations matrix/plan
  • Identify key community risks (e.g. equal employment opportunities) and community opportunities to be managed at the local level to mitigate risk and to optimize initiatives undertaken respectively
  • Liaise with company’s project managers and site managers to disseminate pertinent community intelligence that may impact the project activities
  • Co-ordinate with CPO and Contractors Community Liaison Officer regarding effective stakeholder engagement and information sharing
  • Assist with improving and updating the Company Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Plan, and ensuring the project SEP is in line with this.


  • Assist the ED team practitioners with any information and data gathering for REIPPPP ED reporting, as required
  • Respond to any ED reporting related queries raised by various stakeholders, as and when required
  • Experience in BBBEE audit (clear understanding of BBBEE verification)
  • Assist in managing and coordinating the annual ED audits
  • Responsible for reporting on relevant SED and EnD projects
  • Responsible for providing timeous reporting to all other areas of the business, including reporting to external stakeholders, boards and so on

SED Implementation

  • Assist the ESG team in the design and implementation of a long-term SED & End strategy that effectively addresses community needs
  • Assist the ESG team in the management of community needs assessment processes
  • Identify & designs sustainable initiatives that support the long-term SED & EnD strategy
  • Manage the implementation of and monitors the initiatives that support the long-term SED & EnD strategy
  • Develop the ED strategy for each project to comply with Implementation Agreement.
  • Identify appropriate stakeholders necessary in implementing successful initiatives and manages these relationships
  • Prepares yearly SED & EnD implementation plans that describe the initiatives to be undertaken, the activities and the budget required for the next twelve months and ensure that these plans are shared with the requisite stakeholders
  • Develop the Economic Development Plan (SED and ED) and ensure submission thereof to the Department of Energy as per deadline
  • Manage the preparation of requisite contracts to be entered into with service providers and/ or beneficiaries
  • Manage compliance with requisite contracts entered into with service providers and/ or beneficiaries
  • Manage the implementation of local procurement, enterprise and supplier development processes in the host communities
  • Draft local procurement guidelines in line with group strategy
  • Manage the finance related processes required to ensure that any payments to service providers and/ or beneficiaries are effected (raising of POs etc.)
  • Manage payments to service providers and/or beneficiaries to ensure that they are paid according to contractual terms and in a timely manner
  • Facilitate all SED projects to submit section 18A certificate
  • Forecasts, budgets and tracks SED & EnD spend on a quarterly basis
  • Engage regularly with beneficiaries to gain relevant information regarding the initiatives and to monitor their impact
  • Define outcomes of initiatives, manages the collection of baseline data and monitors & evaluates the outcomes against the baseline data
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records (baseline assessments, community needs assessments, contracts, payments etc.) of all initiatives and ensuring that the records have been collated and saved on the company’s online systems
  • Oversee beneficiary assessments, manage the contracting process, define the implementation processes, and oversee project implementation.
  • Communicate with local community trust trustees regarding SED and EnD initiatives undertaken by the project and those undertaken by the trust and finds opportunities for collaboration in order to reduce possible duplication of efforts and funding and to have real and sustainable community development impact at a larger scale
  • Collaborate, with other independent power producers and other organizations who are executing SED and EnD projects in local communities, on SED and EnD initiatives identified as appropriate for collaboration in order to reduce possible duplication of efforts and funding and to have real and sustainable community development impact at a larger scale

Team Building

  • Develop and maintain relationships with all levels of staff as a trusted resource
  • Maintain strong working relationships with and has open and transparent communication between all members of the team to ensure a healthy working environment is maintained
  • Work closely with members of the team and more broadly throughout the company in providing required social input to integrated reporting requirements
  • Work closely and constructively with contractor staff to ensure the best stakeholder engagement outcome for the Project is achieved


  • Create content for communications, media and other social platforms regarding SED & EnD initiatives undertaken – “story-telling”
  • Communicate with employees about socio-economic development projects
  • Communicate and educate internal stakeholders on legislative requirements in all BBBEE elements
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly & annual reports & forecasts to be communicated to board members, shareholders, financiers and any other relevant stakeholders


Matric Certificate

National Diploma/Bachelor’s degree (in Community Development/ Environmental Science/ Development Studies or Social Work)

Driver’s license

Monitoring & evaluation (M&E) experience advantageous

5 years’ experience in engaging and consulting with communities and implementing community development projects.

Exposure to the renewable energy or mining sector preferable. Leadership and management skills and experience.

To apply for this job email your details to elaine@energy-africa-recruitment.com