What information SHOULD you have as a candidate

I am coming across this more and more, and it seems that the majority of candidates are completely unaware of how a recruiter should engage with them.

  1. A recruiter is required to tell you who the client is BEFORE sending your cv to a client. And get your permission to do so.
  • This prevents duplication (your cv ending up on some ones desk more than once for the same role)
  • That your cv isn’t sent to someone whom you don’t want to work for
  • That you cv isn’t sent to a company where there could b a conflict of interest
  • That you cv (if you’re senior) isn’t sent to a board, and your boss happens to sit on that board for example.
  1. A recruiter should tell you about the role they’re sending you for, and if it’s not a specific role, the reasoning behind that. And who (name and designation) as to where your CV is going.

If they don’t / won’t be honest and upfront with you, my advice … WALK AWAY!

You need to be in control of where your cv goes. There are companies out there that do not look kindly on duplications and you don’t want to and up with two or more agencies arguing over who will claim the candidate (ie you). It can get messy and some recruiters will throw you to the wolves to cover themselves.

Make sure you get EVERYTHING to do with this in writing. Ensure you have in writing that the recruiter you’re dealing with requires written consent from you to send your cv somewhere. Also ensure you tell (in writing) other recruiters you’re working with that they mustn’t send your cv to company X or Y or Z as your cv is already there.  This prevents that recruiter from going behind your back and sending it anyway. AND yes unfortunately some do do that. In the last few days I have heard of one agency that seems to specialise in doing that, regardless of what the candidate has told them.

At the end of the day you need to be smart and awake. There are many good ethical recruiters out there, just as there are really lousy dishonest ones.

Choose wisely, and spread the word. When you get good service as well as bad.